Why Does It Take Me So Long?

Here I am, finally writing on my blog again. I always say I’m going to do this routinely but never seem to accomplish my writing goals. I know It’s a matter of discipline and routine, neither of which I am not good at. Last year I made it a resolution. Broke that one quickly. This year I didn’t  make a resolution which was just as well because I would have broken that one too. Why can’t I figure out a way to just write? Is it that my life and experiences just aren’t very interesting? Nonsense! Everyone has a story! I’m just a lazy writer and have to get to it!

person writing on white book
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Because I wasn’t elected in the municipal election, I had to spend some time afterward cleaning out my office and saying goodbye. The experience wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it might be although I do miss the staff I worked with and I’ll pop in every so often to say “hi”.  After the office clean out, the hubby and I took a trip to visit his mother in Cape Breton. She’ll be ninety-four soon and is still mostly independent and is just a joy to visit. We’ll likely go back in the spring too, after all we know we won’t have her forever and want to visit as often as possible.

When we got back in mid-November, the Christmas rush was upon us. I had done some shopping, but had to finish and wrap everything, plan a gathering for Boxing Day and before I knew it we were into a new year! The hubby and I joined a service club, since I now had more time, and that has been a bit of a whirlwind too. I’m not one to sit back and let others do the work, so I got involved in gathering and organizing all the paperwork so the club can move forward when they are ready for new projects. I am enjoying this time to do some valued work and to help contribute to the charities that support those less fortunate in my community.

And so those are my pile of excuses for taking so long to get back to writing, something I really do enjoy. I’ve also gone back to writing in a different format and some day maybe I’ll publish a novel or a short story. Such a great way to express oneself.

Happy Birthday to Me!!




Yes today is my birthday and it’s a big one! I’m officially a senior citizen and I choose to celebrate this milestone, not weep about it. Actually the only birthday I really hated was my twenty-fifth and I have no idea why. Maybe because it was the quarter century mark and was the first time I thought of myself and the word century together. But today is my day and I get to do whatever I want, even if that’s nothing at all. And on this day, I choose to make my New Years’ resolutions, rather than wait for that very cold, dreary January day when I really feel like doing nothing.

Food always plays an important role in our family celebrations. Today is no different and I choose to go to a Chinese buffet that I really like and, along with the rest of the family, have a true gorgefest. The type where they have to roll you out to your car after such extravagance. My faves are not even the Chinese food available, but a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, then some crab legs and lo mein. Those are my choices (and it is all about me) followed by a wonderful sampling of the numerous desserts available.


birthday cake


Todays activities also include doing dishes. Why such a mundane chore you ask? Because I seem to be the only one who can properly load a dishwasher here. But that’s okay, then I go up to my office to write and work on the sorting and organizing of my craft room/office. These are the things I want to do and it’s all about me today, yay!

As for my resolutions, well first and most important, I will work hard to get my thirty day blogging challenge done in, oh about seventy-five days. To achieve that I’ve started outlining some blogs and filling in the blanks so I can write more efficiently. I’ll also be making changes in lifestyle that are good for my health. That’s a bit boring but necessary at this age.

To take a quote from my ninety year old mother-in-law, “age is just a number, enjoy the time you have every day”. So happy birthday to me! And many more!

Happy Birthday