It’s Been a Long Time

How long has it been since I wrote my blog? Quite a while judging from the changes to this blog site. I will have to go to my blogging site to catch up on the changes. It’s been about two years, during which we’ve been locked down, out for groceries and prescriptions only or had them delivered. Lack of face to face contact with family and friends. Holidays that didn’t include all the loved people I normally see, no coffee or lunches with dear friends, difficult video calls. But I consider myself lucky. We had no serious illness in our family, even my ninety-seven year old mother-in-law has thus far escaped the pandemic unscathed. As protective actions have been lifted, we have cautiously begun to go out, picking up takeout food (I am soooo tired of always cooking), eating in restaurants a couple of times and actually seeing people in person.

My husband and I belong to a service club and it is hard to fundraise and perform service in our community the way we did before the pandemic. Our first convention was cancelled outright and last year’s was virtual only, so this year we decided to attend the first in person convention in two years. When we got home, after a fun and interesting weekend, we were informed that an attendee was ill and had Covid. Shortly after that we found out that two of our own club members were infected. We have some of the rapid antigen tests so we each did one, whew negative. My husband and I repeated the tests two days later and are again negative. That’s a relief but is a cautionary tale. And no one knows why the infection affected some but not others. We did try to keep our masks on but had to remove them to eat and because I had to sit at the head table and had more interaction than many others did, I was concerned. So it’s good to know I’m negative but I wonder about the many who may not have the tests available or haven’t bothered with a vaccine. We do live in interesting times.

With all that said, I really do want to make this blog more viable, increase my readership and perhaps find some new and interesting topics to write about. Coming out of this pandemic is like a re-birth and I expect it’s a growing challenge.


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