Everything Old is New Again!



Here’s a question – do you have an address book? And if so, do you keep it up to date? I mean a physical book that you write in with a pen or pencil. Years ago I had an address book that I tried to keep up to date. Of course that was back when we wrote letters, addressed the envelopes, put a stamp on them and physically put those things in the mailbox. I also sent Christmas cards every year to about fifty people. I am old enough to remember when the cost of stamps was actually a few cents cheaper during the holiday mailing season, of course that no longer holds true. It could be frustrating if people moved and changed their address and phone number, then I ended up with a very messy little book but at least I still had all those important contacts still at my finger tips.

When we got our first computer, I diligently copied all those names and their information into the ‘contacts’ tab area. So exciting to have a computer and feel pretty darned important that I was wired in to the future. I was still writing letters and sending cards but those names and addresses were very well organized on my computer.  Email was next and I added all the email addresses to my contact lists. I no longer wrote long letters by hand, I could send quick snippets to all my friends just to tell them what was happening. The downside to email is huge in my opinion. Spelling took a hit as the computer corrected mispelled words, it didn’t do much for grammer but there you go. I also didn’t send pictures to people I wrote to, they had to rely on my descriptions. Remember it was quite a while before digital cameras caught up with the technology and pictures just didn’t get sent anymore. But I digress.

Our first computer quickly became obsolete so we had to upgrade and I, once again, meticulously entered all my contacts. I adjusted the new addresses folks had sent when they moved and wrote letters and sent cards, but fewer and fewer of both. Then the unthinkable happened – the computer crashed! Eek!! All those names and addresses were lost. By this time I had thrown away my old, hand written book and no way could I remember all the names and information it contained. I had to email friends and relatives and ask for their infomation and that of mutual acquaintances ao I could update my list. Of course not everyone responded and I lost contact with too many people because I just didn’t have any information. We are on our third or fourth computer and I live in fear of losing my remaining list.

My solution? At the dollar store the other day I picked up a new address book. It has space for cell phone numbers and email addresses as well as the usual slots to put in names and street addresses. I have started to fill it, writing names in pen and information that can change in pencil. Generally I’ll use black ink, but there are so many choices that I may vary that. Pink for my female friends, green for male, red for relatives, you get the drift.  I feel really good that I will always be able to contact my friends and relatives. I do have a lot of updating to do but, unless this little book gets lost somewhere in the house, I’ll always have the names and addresses available. Everything old id new again. Isn’t progress wonderful!

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