This is How We Travel


With the minivan packed and ready, and ourselves prepared, we set off at about six in the morning. Normally we would leave earlier, but we left on a Sunday so traffic across Toronto wasn’t too bad. Coffee was of course our first need and we stopped about ten minutes into our journey to fuel ourselves. We had already decided to take the I75 route so our border crossing was at Sarnia. The weather forecast was checked at least twice a day before leaving so we could avoid potential storms, we had our emergency gear handy that included snacks and blankets. We were ready!

No one told the weather station though, that there were whiteout and bad road conditions on the 401 at London. Most of the way only one lane had been plowed and not very well at that. We saw a number of cars off the road, driving too fast for conditions, they had simply slid right off the highway and the shoulder and down a slight incline. I think this is a good time to thank the person who invented the cell phone as those we passed were standing beside their cars, cell phones in hand, no doubt calling for a tow truck. Strangely enough once we turned off that highway and onto the 402 to Sarnia, the weather cleared, there was no snow at all and it was clear sailing through to the border.

One never knows what will happen at the border. We’ve been pulled aside to have our vehicle gone over carefully by the border guard, one time we had our van packed so full that the guard decided to not even open the side door for fear that something would fall out. This time the young fellow asked no questions other than where we were headed, he scanned the passports and sent us quickly on our way. I was honestly surprised because I thought, with the new, incoming  administration, we would be in for a hard time. Ah preconceived notions.


The rest of the trip was pretty easy. We stopped overnight in Kentucky, a state I do think is quite lovely. One of these days I’ll convince the hubby to stay a couple of extra days there so I can see Lexington and perhaps some horse farms. Whizzing by on the highway just doesn’t do it. I want a meaningful stop and tour. But the drive was clear and we sailed on through to Kentucky before we had to eat and rest.

After a seven o’clock breakfast we hit the road again, determined to make it to our destination and we did! I spent three hours on the phone but managed to book our time share for a few nights so we could get the electricity turned on and stock up on a few groceries. The timeshare is about half an hour away from our mobile home, so we could go & clean and stock the cupboards.

And now we’re here, ready to start relaxing – well not really. We have quite a bit of work we want to get done!

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