Ice Cream the Enniskillen Way!


 This past weekend, the hubby and I stuck close to home but we did take a jaunt to a small hamlet about twenty minutes northeast of our city. It is a pretty little spot with a population of about 2930. Strangely enough, it was named after the Earl of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Though I have searched through Google, I can’t find the relationship (if there is one) between Enniskillen, Ontario and Northern Ireland. It is part of a larger municipality and is primarily an agricultural community.  The area is beautiful with rolling hills much loved by cyclists. The McLaughlin Carriage Company began its life there, you may know it currently as General Motors Canada, as a blacksmith’s shop but shortly after he began building his carriages, McLaughlin moved his business to Oshawa, Ontario to give his business closer access to the railway. On a side note, the creator of Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale was also a McLaughlin from Enniskillen.

The village is known far and wide, for its general store. Originally built in 1840 as a post office, it evolved into a general store to serve the needs of the community. At one time it was a butcher shop where the farmers would bring their cows, which were butchered on site and kept in a huge meat locker in the basement until the owner needed the meat. The meat locker is still there, used for storage I imagine. Now it is also famous for the huge ice cream cones available in about forty different flavours.


 Which brings me to the reason for our visit. Our daughter-in-law organized an Ice Cream Eating Challenge through her company How To Organize That and our son had entered the challenge. Anyone who can eat the biggest bowl of ice cream gets their name and picture on the store’s Wall of Fame and of course has bragging rights. Those of us who didn’t enter, all bought cones to enjoy while we watched. I purchased one called the Big Baby, the largest two scoop cone I’ve ever seen and though I did eat it all, I quickly realized that supper that night was not an option. The challengers had to eat about a liter and a half of ice cream as fast as possible and with a little plastic spoon! They were given ice water to drink which helped cut down on ‘brain freeze’ and dug in. Unbelievable that the winner finished his bowl in three and a half minutes! Although he had chosen two or three varieties, I don’t think he actually tasted any of it. Me, I think ice cream should be savoured and enjoyed but then I wouldn’t be able to meet that challenge anyway.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream the Enniskillen Way!

  1. Over a liter of ice cream in 3 minutes?! I just couldn’t do it. I’d die of brain freeze, water or no water 🙂


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