Happy Birthday to Me!!




Yes today is my birthday and it’s a big one! I’m officially a senior citizen and I choose to celebrate this milestone, not weep about it. Actually the only birthday I really hated was my twenty-fifth and I have no idea why. Maybe because it was the quarter century mark and was the first time I thought of myself and the word century together. But today is my day and I get to do whatever I want, even if that’s nothing at all. And on this day, I choose to make my New Years’ resolutions, rather than wait for that very cold, dreary January day when I really feel like doing nothing.

Food always plays an important role in our family celebrations. Today is no different and I choose to go to a Chinese buffet that I really like and, along with the rest of the family, have a true gorgefest. The type where they have to roll you out to your car after such extravagance. My faves are not even the Chinese food available, but a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, then some crab legs and lo mein. Those are my choices (and it is all about me) followed by a wonderful sampling of the numerous desserts available.


birthday cake


Todays activities also include doing dishes. Why such a mundane chore you ask? Because I seem to be the only one who can properly load a dishwasher here. But that’s okay, then I go up to my office to write and work on the sorting and organizing of my craft room/office. These are the things I want to do and it’s all about me today, yay!

As for my resolutions, well first and most important, I will work hard to get my thirty day blogging challenge done in, oh about seventy-five days. To achieve that I’ve started outlining some blogs and filling in the blanks so I can write more efficiently. I’ll also be making changes in lifestyle that are good for my health. That’s a bit boring but necessary at this age.

To take a quote from my ninety year old mother-in-law, “age is just a number, enjoy the time you have every day”. So happy birthday to me! And many more!

Happy Birthday



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