Retirement – Smile for the camera





I was told that photos will enhance my blog posts, attract the reader’s eye, encouraging them to read my posts and come back for more. I’d like to think my writing alone is so riveting that folks will eagerly await my next words but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I will add pictures to my blogs and hope I can find the appropriate ones.

I made a large list of all the sites to go to and download free photos. I’m really good at making lists, the rest of the task, not so much but I plug along and eventually find my way. I prefer the free sites as my blog isn’t commercial and I would rather not to pay for photos if I don’t have to. The absolute best thing to do of course, is take your own photos and use them, so I’ve started carrying my little camera with me wherever I go. Then I realized that my point and shoot might not be good enough to do justice to the things I am photographing, or could it be the user of the camera who doesn’t really know enough about her equipment? This question resulted in me spending an entire day reading the camera manual and discovering the wonderful things little point and shoot digitals can do. I now have a notebook to go with the camera, with instructions and definitions written out and where I can keep a list of the photos I take. Some of these have, and will continue, to find their way onto my blog, the rest I’ll keep for a while. Except for the really bad ones.





Digital photography is really quite wonderful. Combined with a computer and just a smattering of knowledge, we can enhance our favorite photos enough to make them usable. Keeping in mind that I’m really a beginner, I want to start taking better pictures. I don’t use a SLR (single lens reflex) though the hubby has one but I want to snap what I like and have it turn out. Although I’m not artistic, I want to slow down, take my time to think about composition and the rule of thirds and just take better pictures. As an example, I was amazed by the palm trees in Ireland so I took a picture of them posing my son in front of a palm to give the shot some perspective. I now have a great shot of my son with a palm tree growing out of his head. This type of mistake can be avoided with a little care and planning. With notebook and camera tucked away in my purse I’m ready for any spontaneous photo opportunity as long as I can look up the rules in my little book and figure out the settings on my camera. I don’t compose my own pictures yet but this too I will learn.

I plan to learn as much as I can about photography and I hope you’ll see a difference in my blog as I practice and expand picture taking beyond the “smile for the camera” photos I’ve done so far.

One thought on “Retirement – Smile for the camera

  1. I agree with the fact that nice photographs attracts people. Well , the first impression matters right? To start liking your writing people must come to your space and the beautiful photos brings in people. 🙂 I spend an equal amount of time as I spend for writing, on the photographs for my blog, and I still have a lot to improve. Also, may I suggest adding to your list, pixabay? It’s a very good place for royalty free photos. And it’s very high quality as well.


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