Life-of-pix-old-pictures-Karolina-Grabowska-Retirement, now I’ll have time for all those really neat things I’ve seen others do with twine and cans and candles. Why I could make anything, paint it up and wow; Christmas gifts for everyone in the family, hand painted by yours truly. So much information is available that we can learn to do virtually anything online. From making the perfect bow to performing neurosurgery, we can learn it online. I can grow this new talent and become known as the crafty lady of the neighbourhood.

But you see, that’s the trap. I have spent hours researching, making lists and then pinning exciting tips and how to’s onto my own “do this next it’s easy” account. I wonder if the developers of those pages knew what havoc would be wreaked on the world. My grandkids will soon learn how to make feeders from empty toilet paper rolls and the hubby has tasted some successful and some not so great meals. They all might develop a mysterious ailment when Nana has that look in her eye and a bag full of odd looking things in her hand.

Two years ago I made the older grandchildren candy dispensers with clay flower pots, flower vases, and candy of course. I was incredibly proud of those dispensers, nevermind that they cost at least twice what I would have paid to purchase. I created wonderful gifts for my three special people. Everyone else got store bought that year.

I still have some big plans for crafting. the craft room/office is not well organized and right now that’s my excuse but before I can continue crafting I have to organize it all. and guess what? I got lost on the internet again, studying designs and builds for organization. Oh the ideas that came through the screen! Easy things if you can leave the computer and get to it. I think my problem is having the computer and my craft items together in the same room – the computer wins every time. But I know I can do it. If I can get down to serious crafting I can easily finish many of my projects. I have supplies for scrapbooking and two half finished books. Knitting needles and wool abound and there are enough cross stitch patterns and thread to open my own shop. And I’m seriously thinking I love decoupage. You’ve heard of crazy cat ladies; well I think I’ve become the crazy craft lady.


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