Ah work from home, isn’t that the perfect opportunity for a new retiree. Trouble is finding that home based business opportunity is not as easy as one would think. My career, I was a registered nurse working in the operating room, was not one I could work at home. Besides I retired from that career and have no desire to continue on a part time or even a casual basis. I needed something different, that could bring in just a little bit more money each month. What to do?

Before the internet, well before blogging, I did write a how to booklet about breastfeeding. Gave one copy to a friend of my son but didn’t sell a single booklet. That was a bit demoralizing, I thought young mothers would flock to the book to have a little bit of my wisdom. I loved the writing of it but I certainly wasn’t going to make any income. things have changed with the internet and there is so much information available and it’s all only a click away.

So I tried a few direct sales home businesses, none of which made me much money but they all took a lot of time and nothing really grabbed me. The companies made money from my registration fees, my sales, meetings I went to, conventions I attended, but I sure wasn’t rolling in it and time was disappearing. These were good companies for the most part but just not my forte. I still had to be away from my house, organize those sales parties, order and deliver product. I felt pressured to continually sell and recruit others into the business. I would be out several evenings a week, compelled to go to conventions. As a retiree, I did not want to feel compelled to do anything.

I finally decided, after five years of retirement, that I would do what I wanted to do – write, and it really doesn’t matter if I earn anything as long as I enjoy what I’m doing. I have enough to keep body and soul together and being retired means doing what I want to do, doesn’t it? Home based business? I may come up with something – or not.


  1. Doing what you love may end up earning you a paycheck. Stick to what you love and reap those rewards first. The paycheck thing may just follow. Good luck to you!


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